Ain't Nobody Does Work Like Jake!
Conrad Services is an outstanding company in the Sarasota, FL. area covering from Tampa to Naples. Conrad Services was started this year, 2012, by Jake Conrad. Jake Conrad is an extremely reliable and hard working individual. He is the type of man that takes care of business utilizing old fashioned work ethics and disciplined responibility. Jake Conrad, a Sarasota native, has been working with concrete and in the construction business full time since the age of 16. Before that, since the age of 12, he would work summers with his father mixing concrete and pushing wheel barrows. He is firmly rooted in the Sarasota community. He fishes in the bays, and relaxes in the country. Jake Conrad owns a home in the McIntosh area across from his grandfathers house. Jake Conrad's father owns Curb-It, Inc., an outstanding Sarasota company for the past 20 plus years. Jake Conrad's grandfather owned Conrad's Construction, pouring slabs for new construction, and Conrad's Backhoe Service helping build Sarasota since the 60's. As you can see, Conrad Services, headed by Jake Conrad, although new, is a dependable company backed by a solid history, and will be here for years to come.
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